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4 Ways to Cut Costs in the Office

Champion Business Solutions is helping you cut costs in the office.

How? Unnecessary cost can be attributed to printing and printer ink. There are many simple tweaks, tricks, and tips to take control of your office.

Don’t waste time and money when there are solutions all around you. Discover how our team is helping you save money!

Modify Your Documents

One of the most relatively simple and responsible ways to cut costs and create an efficient printing environment is to look over your documents. Shrink documents in Microsoft Word or other programs you’re using and look for large, unnecessary gaps or breaks in the document. A simple change can make the most of your paper.

Go Double-Sided

The unsung hero of the printing world is double-sided printing, also known as duplex printing. It’s incredible how often this simple option slips our mind. Endorse printing duplex and include it in your office’s printing policy. Printing duplex can cut your cost by 50% without having to sacrifice information.

Think Green

Does your office have a high workflow? When it comes to your documents, choose an alternative to printing large amounts of paper.

For example, we can access most things right from our devices. If you print notes or documents for important presentations or meetings, think of making the switch to digital. Use your phone or tablet to share documents. Think outside the box and think green!

Choose Sustainable Solid Ink

According to Xerox,

“Compared with color laser printing technology, Solid Ink generates up to 90% less printing waste because there are no cartridges to dispose of and less packaging to add to landfills.”

Consider switching to Solid Ink and contributing to a greener way of doing things.

Champion Business Solutions is here to help you with every aspect of your office environment. Give us a call and start saving today!