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5 Hidden Office Supply Expenses to Expect

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Running a successful business comes with a lot of perks and rewards, but also with a long list of expenses.

You need to put money aside for computers, Internet and phone lines, office furniture, utilities, wages, insurance, employee benefits and more.

But aside from these basic costs, you’re probably miscalculating the money that goes to minor things like office supply expenses. And because these are items you keep restocking, you may be spending more money than you need.

Hidden costs can do a lot of damage on your budget if you don’t know how to control them.

So keep reading to discover 5 office supply costs to expect in your office and how to handle them.

1. Printing Machines

Printing is possibly one of the greatest expenses in an office. But it’s a necessity, so there’s not much to save money on.

Since almost everyone in the office uses the printer on a daily basis, what you can do is make sure people are familiar with its settings.

Proper use of the printing and faxing machines will prolong their lifespan and you won’t need as many repairs or replacements.

Pro tip: Choose the more cost-effective laser-jet printer instead of ink-jet one to save money.

2. Printing Accessories

Office supply expenses quickly add up when you need to buy paper, ink cartridges and toner refill pouches for the printers.

While this may be an expected cost, it still takes up a big chunk of your budget.

Consider several manufacturers when you order these supplies. For instance, you may need a better-quality ink, but you can save some money on cheaper paper.

3. Folders, Pens, Paper and Staples

If you look at your own and your employees’ desks and drawers, you’ll probably find a week’s worth of office supplies just laying there.

Things like pens, staples, pins and markers are easily displaced, resulting in desks cluttered with unused supplies. And while you shouldn’t expect everyone to use up everything, you can encourage them to be more mindful.

You might reduce these office supply expenses by doing inventory. See how much is left unused and order less next time.

4. Office Furniture

Office furniture like desks, chairs, lighting, recycle bins and computers also count towards office supplies.

Luckily, these are items you don’t have to restock often, so you can omit them from your monthly budget.

However, improper use can lead to maintenance and repair expenses, so you should have this hidden cost in mind.

5. Your Suppliers

If you procure through your receipts, you’ll find a lot of your hidden office supply expenses come from inefficient suppliers.

You can try to find new, more affordable suppliers or discuss the issue with your existing ones. See if they can work out a plan for you or offer additional bulk discount.

Alternatively, ask them how they handle their own hidden costs. You can always learn something from other business owners.

Now You Know How to Plan for Office Supply Expenses!

Running a successful business and turning a profit is possible, but you should consider all the hidden expenses that may weigh your budget down.

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