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Please Print Responsibly

admin : December 22, 2014 9:14 pm : Main Posts

We are all printing advocates but we need to shift towards a more sustainable way to print. It’s not necessarily what you print but how you print it. Xerox is taking active steps towards a greener future. Together, Champion Business Solutions is ensuring that you can also band with us to contribute to a sustainable future. Responsibility is a large part of the Green initiative. According to a 2009 study by the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization, printing’s greatest impact on the environment is from paper—both the production of paper and the waste generated in printing. PRIMIR reports that the paper industry:

  • Is the fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases among U.S. manufacturing industries
  • Contributes 9 percent of total carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing
  • Is the second largest user of electricity in the United States, at 75 billion kilowatt hours in 2006

Together we can make a considerable difference in printing; what we print, when we print, and how we print. So, how can you help? There are many things that you can do for your equipment and around the office to make a positive impact towards your printing environment.

  • Buying ENERGY STAR® and eco-label certified devices
  • Use intelligent software to manage energy use
  • Reduce paper usage with default two-sided (duplex) printing
  • Use Cartridge-free, solid ink
  • Take a part in take-back and recycling programs

There is a sustainable future in printing thanks to your support and corporate responsibility. Take part in the Xerox Green World Alliance and help us save even more! This program is dedicated to reusing and recycling various parts and supplies from office equipment. Since its beginning, the Green World Alliance has had more than 2.7 million cartridges and toner containers returned. Become part of a green movement. At Champion Business Solutions every day is Earth Day. Find out what else you can do to help here.

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Portland Managed Document Services

admin : November 21, 2014 6:43 pm : Main Posts

We are pleased to announce that Canon has been positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of 2014 Magic Quadrant for Managed Print and Content Services by Gartner Inc. The Magic Quadrant position is based on performance in two categories; the Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. Each position is evaluated on its “success in delivering results today, as well as it preparation to deliver results in the future,”. Canon’s Managed Document Services offers a complete solution for businesses. It is the complete package for efficient office all-inclusive devices. MDS guarantees scalability, reliability, as well as a corporate flexibility that cannot be matched.

Canon Managed Document Services is dedicated to help you get control and expand your office environment. “A portfolio of document services to support your business today and prepare it for tomorrow.” For unified, complete management, Canon is providing users a Five Phase Approach and Methodology. Canon is committed to helping you keep your business accounted for, your documents, your security, and your office environment.

Champion Business Solutions is offering Portland and surrounding areas efficient office assessments so you can better understand your print environment. Find out what you’re printing, how much, who’s printing and to what devices. An office assessment can help you identify areas of opportunities and provide solutions.

Champion Business Solutions is a proud provider of Canon as well as Sharp, Xerox, Samsung, Canon, and Ricoh. We are providing your business with the best Managed Print and Document Solutions that the industry has to offer. Our wide array of products and solution offerings improve your business’s bottom line. With our Managed Print and Document Services, your business can enjoy predictability and value, professional service and support, flexibility, PagePack, and all-in-one cost per page. Consider your local Portland business safe and protected with Champion Business Solution’s wide array of services.


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Portland Office Equipment

admin : October 22, 2014 5:48 pm : Main Posts

Office Equipment in Portland, Oregon has never been more affordable. Champion Business Solutions is giving the City of Roses the best office equipment selection in the state. Choose from trusted brands like Sharp, Xerox, Samsung, Canon, and Ricoh. We have something for every business no matter the size, workload, or  quality needed. Our wide array of products and business offerings improve your business’s bottom line. Impress your customers with high quality images, quick turn around times, and a multitude of services. We are providing your business with managed print solutions as well as effective document management tools.

Champion is dedicated to your business’ needs and the performance of all your devices. We know that every Portland company has its own unique print environment and work setting. That’s why we’re offering the Portland area the best office assessments in the industry. An office assessment is an all-inclusive identification process that will give you a better look at your print environment. Are there any areas of opportunity? Does your business use your machines properly? An office assessment identifies potential problems, proposes solutions, and can save you money. Once you know what sort of printing your business does, it makes it easier to find the right device for your company.

We sell a variety of office equipment that have different functions and features to fit the need of every office. Whether you’re a small company that deals mostly in proposals and simple Black and White copies, or you’re a large, image-based design company that needs large machines that are color capable. We have solutions for every business. Contact Champion Business Solutions today and get started on printing in Portland. Our team has years of experience, training, and expertise in the wide world of printing. Let us help you find your solution today!

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Vancouver and Portland Business Solutions

admin : September 22, 2014 1:11 pm : Main Posts

Champion Business Solutions is bringing superior service in the Vancouver area. As residents of this special pocket of the Northwest, we are lucky to live in a gorgeous part of United States. Home to some of the most interesting and innovative people in the world, we are proud to provide professionals with the business solutions they’ve been looking for. Whether you’re looking for an office equipment solution or an IT solution, we are offering our customer’s quality service and superior products. If you’re a local business within the Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon area and aren’t happy with your office equipment service, contact us today. Champion Business Solutions is committed to exactly that; Business Solutions.

Choose from Color or Black & White Copiers, Printers, or Multi-function printers. We are providing our valued customers with trusted industry brands such as Sharp, Xerox, Samsung, Canon and Ricoh. Our services don’t end with office equipment either. We provide document management solutions. We are committed to improving your business’s bottom line. Champion Business Solutions is a locally owned and operated business run by you, for you. All of our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing value, honesty, and the personalized, “old fashioned” service that you crave and expect.

Delve into your print environment by scheduling an Office Assessment. With an Office Assessment, we monitor your business on four, set criteria; Management Process, Device Proliferation, Supplies, and Hidden Costs. Your Vancouver and/or Portland offices are the center to your business. Ensure that it’s running smoothly and your employees have the tools they need for an efficient and cohesive office space.

Xerox, in particular, has outlined tips that have provided solutions for businesses all around the world. We provide Xerox solutions as well as various other dealer solutions to fit a variety of businesses and office environments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted technicians.

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Go Green and Save Your Business Big

admin : August 11, 2014 8:32 pm : Main Posts

As an office, there’s no better time to go green than now. Energy efficiency is an important step towards a sustainable future and this holds true in an office environment. There’s more ways to go green than most people think. Reducing your office’s carbon footprint is beneficial for your health, your company’s wallet, and for your futures. Champion Business Solutions understands what this may mean to small businesses but going green is easier than you think; the smallest change can have the greatest impact.

Buy In Bulk

Buy your products in bulk, whether it’s paper or toner, buying in bulk minimizing packaging and saves you money on shipping. Make sure you always look for words like “high efficiency” or “high capacity” when deciding on your bulk goods.

Reuse, Return, Recycle

Recycling programs for toners and cartridges have taken the office world by storm with their easy capabilities and tremendous rewards. Check out you manufacturers and ask more about their recycling program.

Consider Multifunction Devices

Multifunction devices are a must-have for businesses that need an all-inclusive machine for all their office needs. If your business has multiple smaller machines (black and white printer, scanner, fax, etc.), a multifunction printer (MFP) will give you all of those capabilities in one machine. They even use environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solid ink. According to Xerox, MFP’s use 90% less waste than a color laser printer. Solid Ink also eliminates spills and stains!

Energy Star Compliance

Energy Star compliant products are a no-brainer in the office environment. Save money on your energy bills with devices that recognize your businesses unique usage patterns and automatically go to pwer saving modes to increase efficiency.

Rethink Paper

Reuse, recycle, and reprint. Or perhaps think about going paperless. There has been ongoing discussions in the industry about whether paper is obsolete or not. While it is decidedly not obsolete, it is being used less than previous years. You may want to consider going paperless for certain documents or reports and sticking to paper only when it’s necessary.

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What’s the Big Deal About Office Assessments?

admin : July 21, 2014 5:45 pm : Main Posts

Office assessments may not be on the top of your list but they should be, particularly if you have new devices on the way, are considering upgrading, or you’re finding that your bill is increasing or jobs aren’t being performed that way you expect. Printers and various other multifunctional devices are an imperative part of your everyday, office environment. From clients to employees, the efficient performance of your printers is an integral part of your business’ success. So how can you maximize this? Office assessment is a cost effective way to pinpoint where there is unnecessary waste, what your print environment is like, and areas of improvement.

Xerox says it best, “It doesn’t matter what size your business it; if you want to get output costs under control and set the stage for improvements in productivity and work process, you have to start with an assessment.”

When you schedule an office assessment, you are giving experts the opportunity to collect data that can identify areas of opportunity within your document infrastructure and help us develop a plan of action to get your business where it needs to be. It’s not uncommon for businesses to go unaware of these problems. A Corporate Printing study by the IDC identified that companies can spend between 2-3% of their annual revenues on documents and document-related issues. Within your printer and multifunctional devices, there can be hidden cost areas that you may not even be aware of.

Office assessments are the easiest, most effective way to deal with possible printer issues and develop a solution towards them. Typically there are four areas in an office assessment that we focus on: Management Process, Supplies, Device Proliferation, and Hidden Costs. Within each of these, experienced technicians look at your devices, within your network and IT areas, as well as delve into input, output, and your environmental impact.

Don’t waste your time and money with troubled devices; contact us today for your office assessment and start saving today!


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Samsung’s New NFC Innovations

admin : June 17, 2014 7:58 pm : Main Posts

Samsung is reinventing the wheel in innovation. Samsung printers are making promising printing solutions with efficient print speeds, unnecessary waste, and cost-effective mobile printing. The new MPF Xpress C4XX series, MultiXpress CLX-9301 color series and SCX-8128 mono series were released late last month in Suwon and making mobile printing easier and more accessible than ever.

“Pushing the boundaries of innovation is what our printing solutions is all about” says David SW Song, Senior Vice President, Strategic Sales and Marketing Team, Printing Solution Business. Samsung is making mobile printing easy with their printing solutions technology upgrade. Printing solutions can be solved digitally through innovation, creating a solution that is affordable without sacrificing features and tasks.

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is technology found in smartphones. With a simple touch, data can be transferred over radio waves. Samsung printers are utilizing their own smartphone functionality into their printers. Innovations in technology is making wireless printing more of a need than a want. With the NFC smartphone technology, users can print directly with the default print button. The Samsung’s mobile printing app is available for certain devices. NFC will allow users to print by simply touching their devices to the printer through the Samsung printing app. The Xpress Series supports Google Cloud Print and also provides server free printer solutions with Business Core Printing Solutions software.

Samsung uses a web-based open platform tool, XOA. The software installed on the printer series is intended to reduce IT costs. XOA is intended to provide printing solutions, increased security, MPS, and remote and accessible monitoring.

“The Xpress C410W series that support NFC are a good example of how Samsung is pioneering the mobile printing solution and NFC printer market,” said Joosang Eun, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing Team, Samsung Printing Solution, shortly after the announcement of their NFC Printers. Eun went on to confirm, “Samsung will continue to expand NFC-enabled mobile printing solutions to small to medium business user.”

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Xerox Improves Managed Print Services

admin : May 22, 2014 2:44 pm : Main Posts

Xerox is reinventing and remolding their famous Managed Print Services. Even as the industry leader, Xerox has tweaked and tightened a few of their existing services and have added two brand new ones. Managed Print Services are an important part of your office day and at Champion, we know how much you rely on consistent, reliable service. Xerox has recognized a few areas of opportunity and tackled them with the same ferocity that you’ve come to expect.  Xerox customer service guarantee is renowned just like their products. They have recently been recognized as the Managed Print Services industry leader for 2013 by Quocirca, who said, “Due to the breadth and depth of its MPS portfolio, Xerox has retained its leading position in Quocirca’s review of the MPS market. Xerox has a comprehensive and scalable MPS offering, which encompasses office production, off-site commercial and mobile printing, catering for small businesses through to multi-national enterprises.” X

One of the ways the Managed Print Services are changing is through the continued exploration for an easier way to connect wit IT software. Innovation and dedication has paid off with their new cloud-based plug-in. The small device will integrate its printer discovery and monitoring capabilities with LabTech Software, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for Manged Service Providers. This new device and connection with the LabTech Control Center will make it easier to see and take care of printer errors and issues.

Xerox also announced two brand new services:

  • Xerox Document Analytics Service helps you understand how, where and why documents are used across your organization. We collaborate with your domain experts to gather quantitative and qualitative data; quickly and cost-effectively identify opportunities, risks and anomalies within your document processes; and recommend improvements.
  • Xerox Workflow Assessment Services goes beyond simply identifying where documents reside and what print devices are used in your organization. We provide data-driven, personalized analysis of your document usage and related business processes so you can make informed decisions about workflow optimization. X

This shift in Managed Print Services is focused on three distinct “pillars”:

  • Assess and Optimize
  • Secure and Integrate
  • Automate and Simplify

The announcement of the expanded services also include several exciting new features. Security solutions are strengthening in the MPS platform. Only MPS customers will be able to enjoy the new Secure Print Manager suite, which offers user authentication, secure document release, job tracking, chargeback and accounting and rules-based printing. Take advantage of these new services and contact our offices today to find out how your business can benefit!


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