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Choosing a Digital Printer

choosing a digital printerIt’s the beginning of summer and after a busy holiday and spring season, we’re all breathing a little easier. It’s time to get back on track, catch up on work, and prepare for the busy Autumn months!

One item on many businesses agenda is a new copier, printer, or MFP. Unfortunately, it’s usually in the busy months that companies realize how unreliable their office devices can be. Now is the time to right that wrong and invest in a solution that works.

Champion Business Solutions is helping you make the right decision the first time! Read below and discover where your choices may lead you and a few of the questions you need to ask yourself.

What to Look For

First and foremost, your business should know what functions you absolutely need. Larger operations with a higher print volume is going to need more than a small office that only dabbles in black and white.

Decide what features you need. Common features include:

  • Copy
  • Print and Mobile Print
  • Scan to network/Scan to Email
  • Walk-up Fax/Lan Fax

You may want to consider the excellent quality of laser and solid-ink printing for your in-house documents.

Every company should also consider security. After all, is there ever a time when is security not important?

Not only before the investment, but when you dispose of your device, security should be top of mind in today’s network/internet environment. Be sure to understand the included and optional resources available to keep your data secure.

Understanding Your Choices

It’s not as simple as deciding between color or black and white anymore. The analog printers of the past have been long gone, replaced with their digital counterparts.

Our team is taking you through what it means to go digital, the intricacies of new versus used, buying versus leasing.

Deciding on Digital

Paper will never fully leave an office. The shift towards digital, however, is a natural progression in our digital world. Thankfully software and digital processes are making the shift towards the Cloud a less-daunting process. Make the shift and manage your files in one secure online format.

Champion Business Solutions is helping you stay proactive while providing effective solutions to everyday issues.

New vs. Used

One of the most common questions many business owners face when deciding on new office equipment is the cost-effectiveness of purchasing new versus old machines. There is no right answer; it depends on the nature of your business, your productivity, output, and whether a new machine is in your budget. There are pros and cons within each decision. A new unit is going to be pricier, but a used unit runs the risk of poor performance.

Take a look at your workload, budget, and don’t forget to factor in repairs and maintenance. Don’t be shy to ask us what’s covered in our service plans and how much is under warranty. It’s better to ask now, rather than find out later.

Buy vs. Lease

This is another big question for many business owners, and one that is also not black and white. Buying is, obviously, a more expensive, up-front option, however leasing has the addition of tax incentives.

Remember that copier leases are similar to those for an automobile: it’s based on usage. Many times, that estimate has to be exact. Go over your monthly allotment, and you could be hit with a pricey bill of surcharges. If you have a strong handle of your input and output, leasing may be a more sustainable option.

Champion Business Solutions has the local solution for your heavy workload. Whether you’re a small business or a global conglomerate, we’re helping offices dust their desks off and simplify their processes. We are providing the Portland area with the best selections for your business. Find the perfect equipment for your business and identify your needs.