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Energy Efficiency in the Office

As an office, there’s no better time to go green than now. Energy efficiency is an important step towards a sustainable future and this holds true in an office environment. There’s more ways to go green than most people think. Reducing your office’s carbon footprint is beneficial for your health, your company’s wallet, and for your futures. Champion Business Solutions understands what this may mean to small businesses but going green is easier than you think; the smallest change can have the greatest impact.

Buy In Bulk

Buy your products in bulk, whether it’s paper or toner, buying in bulk minimizing packaging and saves you money on shipping. Make sure you always look for words like “high efficiency” or “high capacity” when deciding on your bulk goods.

Reuse, Return, Recycle

Recycling programs for toners and cartridges have taken the office world by storm with their easy capabilities and tremendous rewards. Check out you manufacturers and ask more about their recycling program.

Consider Multi-function Devices

Multi-function devices are a must-have for businesses that need an all-inclusive machine for all their office needs. If your business has multiple smaller machines (black and white printer, scanner, fax, etc.), a multi-function printer (MFP) will give you all of those capabilities in one machine. They even use environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solid ink. According to Xerox, MFP’s use 90% less waste than a color laser printer. Solid Ink also eliminates spills and stains!

Energy Star Compliance

Energy Star compliant products are a no-brainer in the office environment. Save money on your energy bills with devices that recognize your businesses unique usage patterns and automatically go to power saving modes to increase efficiency.

Rethink Paper

Reuse, recycle, and reprint. Or perhaps think about going paperless. There has been ongoing discussions in the industry about whether paper is obsolete or not. While it is decidedly not obsolete, it is being used less than previous years. You may want to consider going paperless for certain documents or reports and sticking to paper only when it’s necessary.