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Everything You Need to Know About Office Assessments

Everything You Need to Know About Office Assessments Office assessments may not be on the top of your list but they should be. If you have new devices on the way, are considering upgrading, or you’re finding that your bill is increasing and jobs aren’t being performed that way you’ve been hoping, office assessments are a great way to optimize your work space.

Printers and other multi-functional devices are an imperative part of every day in the office. From clients to employees, the efficient performance of your printers is an integral part of your business’ success.

So how can you maximize your success? Office assessment is a cost effective way to pinpoint where there is unnecessary waste, what your print environment is like, and areas of improvement.

After all, Xerox said it best:

“It doesn’t matter what size your business it; if you want to get output costs under control and set the stage for improvements in productivity and work process, you have to start with an assessment.”

Making the Most of Your Office

When you schedule an office assessment, you are giving experts the opportunity to collect data that can identify areas of opportunity within your document infrastructure and help us develop a plan of action to get your business where it needs to be. It’s not uncommon for businesses to go unaware of these problems. A Corporate Printing study by the IDC identified that companies can spend between 2-3% of their annual revenues on documents and document-related issues. Within your printer and multifunctional devices, there can be hidden cost areas that you may not even be aware of.

Office assessments are the easiest, most effective way to deal with possible printer issues and develop a solution towards them. Typically there are four areas in an office assessment that we focus on: Management Process, Supplies, Device Proliferation, and Hidden Costs. Within each of these, experienced technicians look at your devices, within your network and IT areas, as well as delve into input, output, and your environmental impact.

Don’t waste your time and money with troubled devices; contact us today for your office assessment and start saving today!