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How to Choose the Right MFP

When you choose a multi-function printer (MFP), you know you’re choosing a device that everyone will love. Choosing an MFP for the office is the smart, efficient way to get your printing, scanning, copying, and faxing done.

However, many businesses don’t know what to look for? What features does my business need? Champion Business Solutions is helping your business make the right decision.

Before you make your decision, ask yourself the following questions about your business, your future, and how your office will function with an MFP.

So Many Functions to Choose From

This depends on your industry, workflow, and work load. Do you deal heavy with documents? Are you printing proposals, creating forms, and making copies every day, or does your business deal in the digital?

Only you can decide what’s right for your business. If you choose an MFP, you have Copy, Print, Fax, and Scan to look forward to.

Color or Black & White?

Think about what the week looks like in the office. Is color an integral component fo ryou business? If so, you may want to consider high-quality laser or solid-ink printing. Many office printers have the high-quality you would find in a professional print shop.

Connecting Your Device

Staying completely connected is a necessity. We suggest that you consider connecting through Wi-Fi and Ethernet cabling access. Look for easy-to-implement systems to avoid set-up complications.

Print Volume and Speed

Do you have a high print volume? Does your office need excessive speed? The number of employers, time-conscious nature of your business, and the volume you produce on a regular basis all play into the correct speed and volume for your office. A trained Account Executive can easily help you determine what will work best in your environment.

Step Up Security

Security is vital to the future of your business. Ensure that all loose ends are sewn up even after you choose a new device. Clear out your old device and dispose of it properly to ensure that your documents are safe.

Why can’t I just “Get what we had last time”?

Here is some of the best news: Technology investments do more than pay for themselves. They can integrate and streamline multiple office processes and free up company resources so you can devote more energy to important business areas. Check the total cost of ownership. Investing in new technology versus maintaining the old will not only minimize direct costs, but maximize all of your business performance.

Choosing the Right MFP in Portland

Contact us to discuss your offices future, goals, and vision. We are just a call or click away from transforming your office into a productive powerhouse. Sneak past the competition with the the quality of Xerox comprehension behind you.