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Questions To Ask Before Buying an MFP

Multifunction printers (MFPs) are the swiss army knives of the office. They copy, print, fax, scan, as well as other functions as well. The complication is the variable nature of the other functions, and you want an MFP with the right functionality for you.

Before you buckle and buy a brand new machine, you need to be sure that you’re purchasing the best unit for your business. Ask yourself these questions to narrow down the features you need.

“What functions do we really need?”

  • Copy
  • Print and Mobile Print
  • Scan to network/Scan to Email
  • Walk-up Fax/Lan Fax

“Do we need a Color or Black & White machine?”

You may want to consider the excellent quality of laser and solid-ink printing for your in-house documents. From Marketing materials to Accounting reports and, don’t forget Invoicing with alerts in red will improve your Accounts Receivables.

“How are we going to connect the unit?”

With today’s devices, you may want to consider WiFi connectivity as well as your Ethernet cabling access. Look for simple-to-implement systems.

“How much do we usually print and what speed does our MFP need?”

These questions can go hand in hand. The number of users, the time-critical nature of your business, and the volume you produce on a daily/weekly basis all play into this question. A trained Account Executive can easily help you determine what will work best in your environment.

Do we need a “finishing” feature?”

Do you staple your output, put together booklets, or produce long runs of multi-page reports? Task such as these have been simplified and can easily product professional results.

“Is security important to us?”

When is security not important these days? Not only before the investment, but when you dispose of your device, security should be top of mind in today’s network/internet environment. Be sure to understand the included and optional resources available to keep your data secure.

“Why don’t we get what we had last time?”

Here is some of the best news: Technology investments do more than pay for themselves. They can integrate and streamline multiple office processes and free up company resources so you can devote more energy to important business areas. Check the total cost of ownership. Investing in new technology versus maintaining the old will not only minimize direct costs, but maximize all of your business performance.

Now that you’ve considered these questions, you should be in a much better position to find the MFP with the right mix of features and functionality for your needs. If you still feel like you need some extra answers, contact us today!